Gain experience while honing your own career journey

The Labor Lab Micro-Internship is designed to be a flexible and remote role that can be completed during any part of the year. It typically consists of 30 hours of work over 16 weeks. You will gain experience in three specific domains:

  • [10 hrs] Social Science Research: collect, clean, and analyze data and scientific literature
  • [10 hrs] Social Media Engagement: create, promote, and manage content across online platforms
  • [10 hrs] Personal Career Development: hone your own career clarity and professional readiness

What you get

In addition to experience and honing your own professional readiness, when successfully completed you will have:

  • A Polished Portfolio: A professional resume and LinkedIn profile, an industry-relevant online publication with you as the author, and an individual plan to continue positioning yourself towards your career.
  • Certificate and Reference: A certificate of completion from Labor Lab and the right to put your experience on your resume, CV, and LinkedIn profile. Plus you can list Dr. Davis as an employment reference and ask for letters of recommendation.
  • Discount on Coaching Resources: You will have 80% off of all paid Labor Lab resources (including live coaching) for 2 years.

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