Launch your career with:

  • Clarity¬†of what you want
  • Knowledge of¬†your options
  • Tips and tactics for¬†the job hunt
  • A supportive online community
  • Mentors to guide the way

College-to-Career Guidance 

We know the college-to-career journey is a challenging time. It can also be a very exciting time, especially for those with clarity for what they want and mentors to help guide the way. 

LABOR LAB MISSION: To make the college-to-career journey less stressful and more successful by providing direction and motivation.


Labor Lab Academy 

An online community with monthly coaching calls, tutorials, and exercises to work on at your own pace. Join before the next monthly live coaching call (see countdown timer)!

Upcoming Coaching Call Topics:

  • Jul 18, 2pm: The Informational Interview Toolbox
  • Aug 15, 2pm: Job Crafting: Turning the Job You Have Into the Job You Want
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Course: Career Clarity

Know What You Want

Not sure which career you want to pursue? You will at the end of this course. A set of exercises and mindsets designed to help you make an informed decision. Knowing what you want is the first half of achieving it.

Get Career Clarity

Career Clarity Workbook

Discover the four key insights that help students select a career path that matches who they are.

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The Resume Bank

Master the strategies for creating college resumes that consistently stand out from the stack.

Free eBook

ChatGPT Prompt Guide

Harness the power of AI in your career research with these copy-and-paste queries.

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